Silver Linings – Chautauqua team members on serving during COVID-19

Martha Lunsky – Hospitality Assistant

“My favorite trail… is the Enchanted Mesa Trail for a quick way to see some amazing views from our location.”

I am reminded daily as I drive up to Chautauqua how beautiful the scenery is here.”

“[One of] my favorites two years ago was Keb Mo. I’m looking forward to his return next year!”

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Bella Doherty – Hospitality Staff

Words do not do Chautauqua’s beauty justice.”

If I had to pick just one spot it would have to be The Centennial Garden.”

It has taught me to take advantage of the little things and in times like these it’s important to not lose where we came from.”

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Jessica Harrison – Group Sales Manager

“I love building connections with all of my clients and helping guide them on how to achieve the BEST Chautauqua experience.”

“Hands down the most requested venue is the Grand Assembly as it’s the most iconic venue in the Community House.”

“I would love nothing more than to be front and center at a Chris Isaak concert.”

Read more of Jessica’s interview here: (PDF)

Andrew Smith – Front Desk Manager

“We’ve taken many steps to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests and to abide by social distancing guidelines.”

“It still feels strange having so little face-to-face interaction with people when your job is hospitality!”

I’ll be ordering the All-American Bacon Cheeseburger and their Crispy Brussel Sprouts when they re-open for take-out on May 5!”

Read more of Andrew’s interview here: (PDF)



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