Need something to do at home?

Our friends Jeff & Paige have some amazing free content on their website! You can learn how to make your own nature sound map, shake like a rattlesnake or just listen to their amazing music. Check out their website HERE!

You can also see their “Get Outdoors” music video HERE!

Make a COVID-19 Relief donation for $25.00 or more and we’ll custom create a Chautauqua coloring page of your furry friend!

Once you make a donation, e-mail us at and we’ll post a coloring page just like Juneau’s below! Click the Donate button to the left to get started!

Check back weekly for new activities!


Print out our Chautauqua dot-to-dot games or coloring sheet by clicking on the images below!

cat coloring sheet

dinosaurs coloring sheet


animals in scenery

Auditorium dot to dot